Selling or buying a home in South Bay is, in most cases, the largest transaction that we are going to carry out in our lives. Faced with a situation of this importance it is a good idea to be advised by the best professionals. But, How to choose a great realtor?

If we have a health problem we turn to the best doctors, we trust them, and we put ourselves in their hands with the certainty that they will solve our problem. If we have a legal problem, we try to address the best lawyer, the one who will represent our interests, who will defend us from the other side of the conflict, and we would not consider it ethical for our lawyer to represent our interest and that of our opponent.

Surprisingly, when we choose a realtor, we rarely give the process the importance it deserves. If you want to avoid the same mistake here are a few things you should absolutely ensure about how to choose a great realtor in South Bay.

How to choose a great realtor?: Trust, an important factor

Both the sale and the purchase of a home is an act with a very high emotional component. So, it is critical to be sure that the agent is trustworthy. Interview him and clear all your doubts. At the end of the day, you will put the sale or purchase of your house in their hands and clearing all your doubts is essential. 

Do not hesitate to ask for references from other clients, see if you have the respect of other professionals in the sector, assess if it is the person you trust and appreciate if the trust is mutual. This is one of the most important steps about How to choose a great realtor.

A well-trained professional

A realtor must have multidisciplinary training. The best agents have extensive legal, economic, psychological, NLP, negotiation, marketing, advertising, and assessment knowledge. How to choose a great realtor? Ask him about his university education too.

The ability to negotiate and to train in this discipline are the strengths of any realtor that is usually obtained with personal capacity, experience, and specific training. So, value this virtue throughout the entire selection process.

When you interview him, try to know if he shows interest in continuing to learn or is one of those who say they already know everything because they have been in the sector for a long time. The real estate market changes and professionals who do not change with it will become outdated.

Experience is key

When you ask yourself how to choose a great realtor, one of the first things you have in mind is Experience. Ask about their experience in the sector especially in the area where you want to sell or buy a home in South Bay. This area experience guarantees knowledge of the market and, above all, access to a substantial customer base. 

How to choose a great realtor? The marketing plan

Currently to sell or buy a home in South Bay we want the product to shine. To make a home stand out in the market, it is essential to work before putting it on sale. 

Many agents will tell you about their marketing plan, so ask them to show it to you. Have them explain what professionals or companies they work with, have them work with home staging or other innovative techniques that will help improve the marketability of your real estate in South Bay.

Membership in an MLS and designations

It is also important that you value which professional organizations the realtor belongs to; Casa Bella Properties has one of the largest MLS in South Bay. We have NAR certified Real estate agents and national agreements with the best real estate agents such as CRS. We ensure compliance with the most restrictive ethical codes. All this and more contribute to the real estate agent granting transparency to the process. 

Blog Article curated and edited by Milena Bejarano