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Course Content

Real Estate Principles

A comprehensive course outlining: Legal descriptions, methods of acquiring title, deeds, estates, liens, homesteads, and the programs involving lenders, escrows, and title companies. In addition there Is discussion on taxation, and court cases, such as Wellenkamp vs. Bank of America that have changed financing.

Real Estate Finance

A modern approach to real estate financing. Includes: Money and interest rates, sources of mortgage money, non-institutional leaders, conventional loans, government-backed programs, foreclosure and other loan problems, construction lending, and alternative financing methods.

Real Estate Practice

A comprehensive study of real estate practices in California, as it relates to the real estate business, its regulations, income tax aspects, business opportunities, advertising, property sales, and the role of the broker and salesperson.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Covers the entire field of legal aspects of real estate. Offers additional in-depth analysis of deeds of trust, deposit receipts, listing agreements, leases, and drafting problems. Deals with damages for breach of contract, and provides an introduction to environmental law problems.




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