Summer is not over yet! This season makes it ideal for all those interested in buying a home to continue their search to close a deal before the season ends. All professional realtors point out to the fact that the number of transactions going through during the summer season is at least three times more than the winters. That’s why Casa Bella wants to show you some Real Estate Tips for selling your home and increase marketability.

We recommend you to follow these steps to make sure you take full advantage of the selling season. Rest assured, this is the best time to get the best home value you can.

Tips to Increase Marketability of Your Home in the Summers

1. Make sure the temperature is pleasant

Nothing makes a weaker impression than putting one foot in a house and getting hit by a crushing sensation of the summer heat. “It is essential that the visitor feels pleasant and cool on the hottest days. So it is advisable that the air conditioning is working,” says home stager, Anna Garcia. Thermal comfort ensures that the guided tour is pleasant for both the potential buyer and the realtor.

2. Bet on fresh materials and light colors

Depersonalizing the home is vital for the prospective buyer to see himself as the owner of the property and to Increase Marketability. However, this does not mean that the rooms be left empty. Minimal furniture is essential, and if it is a beach view residence, better bet on a Mediterranean interior design.

“The cushions, tablecloths and table runners should have light blue tones, especially if the house located on the beach, and greenish or brown if it is on the mountain,” says Garcia, adding the lighting factor as key. “The fabrics, curtains, towels, quilts, etc., also have to be clear, and more in summer, so that the house perceived as more luminous.”

3. Make sure the home catches more than just the eye

The effect that causes the house to sell better not only depends on the view and the visible aesthetics but also how pleasant it is for the other senses. During a buyer’s visit is advised that soft chill-out music accompanies the buyers so that they relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Other than this, a delicate fragrance to add to the experience can also work wonders for you getting the best value for your property.

4. Avoid the hottest hours, it’s important for Real Estate Tips for selling your home

Although the buyer determines the schedule of visits, try to avoid setting up tours at noon. For Real Estate Tips for selling your home is vital that you try to schedule the appointments in the morning or at dusk, avoiding the hottest hours of the day. If you have no choice, do not even think about making the prospective buyer wait outside under the sun for a moment more than required.

5. Take summer pictures

Take pictures is one of the most crucial advice of Real Estate Tips for selling your home can provide you. Advertising a property on a real estate portal is a guarantee of visibility. Photographs are essential, and if you emphasize the most significant benefits of the property, it will automatically Increase Marketability.

Try to market more than just the rooms; take exquisite photos of the environment that makes your home the one that the buyer is looking for. The views are a high selling point, the terraces, the beach, the mountains or the landscape that enjoyed from the windows can all give buyers more reasons to buy your house.

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Blog Article curated and edited by Milena Bejarano