The monthly expenses of maintaining a home should be part of the budget of any family, especially one living in a home in South Bay where the regulations are so strict and can fine you and even garnish the residence if you do not comply with them.

First time home buyers tend to calculate the costs of their mortgage and how much they will pay in taxes, but they rarely consider the associated expenses to maintain their home in South Bay.

On average, Americans pay about $426.30 per month for the maintenance of their residence. This amount is equivalent to paying a yearly installment for a car. This cost does not include structural repairs or the breakage of some major equipment such as air conditioner and refrigeration. 

It is worth saving on unnecessary expenses when buying a home in South Bay, but this saving can be easily lost by not paying attention to the small but important details. Those who are living in condominiums have some covered services such as exterior painting, garbage collection, and mowing the lawn, but you will always be responsible for maintaining and keeping your estate in good condition.

The costs for maintenance vary by location, but the national average reaches $9,477 per year. For the calculation of this number, Zillow investigated property and insurance taxes, while Thumbtack evaluated the most frequent maintenance costs such as carpet cleaning and gardening.

We have prepared for you a list of tasks that are necessary to increase the life of your home’s structures and save on long-term expenses. Let’s have a look.

The Pipes

It is difficult to know the status of your pipes. However, you should pay attention to some signs. If you notice moisture marks on the wall or ceilings, it is likely that there is a leak. Also, take a few minutes to look for leaks in the keys and toilet. Water leaks in these places are relatively simple to compose but do not hesitate to contact a professional if you need help.

Insects and Pests

It is very likely that not only you and your loved ones live in your home. In some cases, there may also be uninvited pests and insects. Fumigate your home once a year is a simple way to avoid any damage to your home or bad times. So this is the time to consider this maintenance. Also, consider installing mosquito nets to keep insects out of your home.

The Garden

If you have a garden, it is a good time to pay a little attention. Remember to cut the grass a little, so that it protects from the sun and keeps its moisture. If there are trees near your property, check that their roots are not affecting your property. Finally, remove the dried plants and consider planting new ones.

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is not only important for the home’s structural health but can also be hazardous and fatal for your family’s health. Homeowners, who are responsible, make sure their HVAC system stays in the best shape to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their loved ones.

These three are reported to be the most commonly done expenses on home maintenance annually and make up around 80% of the maintenance expense of an average household in South Bay. At Casa Bella, we can help you find maintenance services that can offer you the most cost-effective solutions making sure your maintenance costs remain budget-friendly. Contact a Casa Bella Realtor today!