Selling a house in South Bay can be an exercise that might require a lot of patience. But being too patient can be a sort of a bad omen too. As a seller, the last thing you want is to end an expired listing after wasting time and money for months.

Often, realtors try to impress the sellers with a comparative market analysis created automatically in their office. This analysis is meant to show a very high price of their property. All this is certainly pleasant and attractive, but, in the real world, it is not the electronic presentation that will actually determine if your real estate in South Bay gets sold or not. It is the strategy and the specific work plan of realtor that makes the sale possible. Hire an incompetent realtor, who fails in the basics, and you will see the status of your profile without a change for 6 months until it expires. And then you will be bombarded with reasons and excuses that will hold you responsible for the sale not going through when it was nothing but incompetence on the realtor’s end.

So, the key is for sellers to make sure your realtor delivers you when it’s showtime!

As realtors, constantly conducting MLS property searches and working with international buyers and investors, it is quite easy for us at Casa Bella Properties to see why hundreds of ads expire daily. Worst of all, sellers have no idea how many opportunities they are missing.

With all being said, once your listing expires, it’s not the end of the world. A few things you can do to get your home in South Bay back on the market and sell it with a better strategy and a better agency, such as Casa Bella Properties. Below are a few things you can do if your real estate listing expires.

Review Your Marketing Strategy

Bring out your business plan to sell your home in South Bay. Give us a call and set a meeting with one of our highly experienced realtors. Do a careful review of the plan, and you will find out things such as you or your agent dropping the ball. You will find out what didn’t pull showings or ad calls. Other things that you might find out to be ineffective are things such as whether you did virtual tours or not, whether you sent in direct mails or if you put a lockbox on the property or not.

Consider the Condition of the Home

The condition of the home is a big factor. You should go out and look if the condition of the home is in accordance with the other listings. If not, it’s no secret that you should renovate and prepare your home for the sale and increase its marketability in all ways you can.

Review Buyer Objections

Find out the reasons why buyers didn’t buy your homes. Review buyer feedbacks and ensure if they are valid or not. Think of ways to compensate for these objections so that when you re-list your home, buyers don’t come up with the same reasons for not buying your home.

After you have done all of these things, give Casa Bella Properties a call and let us be your representative this time. With a 90% record in selling all homes in South Bay that we list, we take full pride in being one of the finest in the region.