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Selling your home in one of the cities of the South Bay area? As a local company we have sold over 200 properties in the past 5 years.

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16186 Hamilton Court

Victorville CA 92394

Single House

Price: $309,999

Bed / Bath : 4/3.5

Home SQFT: 2,527

Lot SQFT: 7,580

1572 W 216th Street,

Torrance CA 90501

Single House

Price: $650,000

Bed / Bath : 3/1

Home SQFT: 1,037

Lot SQFT: 8,147

4523 167th Street,

Lawndale CA 90260

Single House

Price: $539,000

Bed / Bath : 2/2

SQFT: 932

4534 164th Street

Lawndale CA 90260

Duplex House

Price: $680,000

Bed / Bath : 2/1 each unit

Home SQFT: 1,816

Lot SQFT: 5,202


My overall experience has been outstanding at the end of each transaction, they make sure all documents were in compliance. Made it muchh easier at the end, our relationship will never end

Emma Reyez

Client since 2015

“This was our second experience with Casa Bella and ifwe had to experience a third one, we will call Casa Bella Team”

Isabel & Jorge Jaramillo

Clients since 2016

“Very satisfied, I will for sure come back to this company for either a refinance or another home sell/buy.”

Lorena Shaw

Client since 2014

South Bay Real Estate Blog

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Across the United States, homebuyers are showing less urgency than in recent years, according to all market reports. While the demand is active more than a third of homes for sale across the country had a price cut of more than 1%. Most importantly, discounts are...

First Time Home Sellers Checklist in South Bay

Buying a home is relatively simple as compared to selling a house for the first time as there are myriad of thoughts going inside your head. It can be confusing and frustrating to sell your house for the first time as many homeowners don't know where to begin the...

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South Bay’s New Home Buyer Checklist

We at Casa Bella enjoy assisting homeowners in selling their homes in South Bay, and homebuyers in making their dreams come true. We help them to discover ideal home designs by connecting them with our expert realtors. That's why we have prepared the New Home Buyer...


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