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Selling your home in one of the cities of the South Bay area? As a local real estate company we have sold over 200 properties in the past 5 years.

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Find your dream home in the South Bay Real Estate Market, Los Angeles County.

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Take a look at our featured houses for sale in the cities of South Bay area.

16186 Hamilton Court

Victorville CA 92394

Single House

Price: $309,999

Bed / Bath : 4/3.5

Home SQFT: 2,527

Lot SQFT: 7,580

1572 W 216th Street,

Torrance CA 90501

Single House

Price: $650,000

Bed / Bath : 3/1

Home SQFT: 1,037

Lot SQFT: 8,147

4622 W 156TH Street,

Lawndale CA 90260

Single House

Price: $599,900

Bed / Bath : 3/3

Home SQFT: 1,400

Lot SQFT: 3,114

4534 164th Street

Lawndale CA 90260

Duplex House

Price: $680,000

Bed / Bath : 2/1 each unit

Home SQFT: 1,816

Lot SQFT: 5,202

Our Clients Love Us!

Erica helped us purchase our first home a year ago in an expeditious and professional manner. We felt like we knew her for years and she is always ready to help or answer any questions when needed… I definitely would recommend Casa Bella Properties for any first time or experienced home buyers.

Bryan Bravo


Elma kept a professional, positive, calm and collected attitude which put me at ease. She was firm when she needed to be but always fair … She was always willing to work with my schedule and just truly wonderful to work with…. I loved their work ethic so much that I recommended them to my boyfriend who is selling his house and he is very happy as well!

Jeanette Jauregui


Edith has worked with me since 2013. Along the way, Edith has helped me secure a loan modification to save my property, and just recently she walked me through a rather complicated sale of the same property. I know I could not have done this as well or as painlessly without Edith leading the way!!!

Maureen Casiello


South Bay Real Estate Blog

What is Home Equity and How to Increase it?

Simply put, home equity is the share of the homeowner in the home’s value. It can increase with time and in certain circumstances decrease too. To define it better, we can say that home equity is that portion of the property’s value that you actually “own.” When we...

Benefits of Being a Homeowner in Lawndale, Hawthorne and Gardena

Freddie Mac recently published a report regarding the benefits of being a homeowner. The report states that there are five major benefits to it and that everyone should consider them. It helps you build a fortune over time.Stable monthly payments.Tax benefits.You...

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What To Do If Your House Didn’t Sell

Selling a house in South Bay can be an exercise that might require a lot of patience. But being too patient can be a sort of a bad omen too. As a seller, the last thing you want is to end an expired listing after wasting time and money for months. Often, realtors try...

How does Escrow work?

People, when buying a home in South Bay, get puzzled when they hear about security deposits. This is partly because security deposits are used for at least two distinct elements in a real estate transaction. Simply put, an escrow account means that a neutral party...

Loan Mortgage Programs for Buyers in South Bay

As a first-time home-buyer, things can get really tricky for you, especially with the finances. Buying a home in South Bay, LA is a daunting task, whether you are buying one for the first time or for the hundredth time. You have to cut down the budget heavily to buy...

How to choose a great realtor in South Bay?

Selling or buying a home in South Bay is, in most cases, the largest transaction that we are going to carry out in our lives. Faced with a situation of this importance it is a good idea to be advised by the best professionals. But, How to choose a great...

What are the differences between a Real Estate Agent and Realtor?

We have often emphasized the need to find a Realtor in South Bay to rely on to guide you better through the lengthy and somewhat challenging process of buying a house. One of the first questions that we come across is, what are the differences between a Real Estate...

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The current age of technology has provided a great many solutions for us to earn more than we could. Asset utilization has been better than ever before. The advent of mobile applications such as Uber and Lyft have made people utilize their vehicles much better. Among...

5 Real Estate Tips for selling your home in South Bay

Summer is not over yet! This season makes it ideal for all those interested in buying a home to continue their search to close a deal before the season ends. All professional realtors point out to the fact that the number of transactions going through during the...

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